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Our neighborhood is located in Oak Cliff north of the Wynnewood Village Shopping Center and was named "Best Neighborhood in Dallas" for 2012 by the Dallas Observer! The neighborhood is bound by Vernon Avenue on the west, Zang Boulevard on the east, West Illinois Avenue on the south, and West Clarendon Drive on the north. The 820 acres of the entire Wynnewood neighborhood originally belonged to farmer John M. Wright until 1913 when American Home Realty Company bought the land with plans for future development.

Angus G. Wynne, Jr. envisioned the Wynnewood Addition as a modern development with efficient, well-designed, high quality houses located in a self-contained community complete with a nearby shopping center and convenient access to downtown. Located directly north of the Wynnewood Village Shopping Center, Wynnewood North’s larger lots and mature oak trees attracted both the noted architect, Bud Oglesby, as well as the Hare & Hare landscape architect firm. Today, with its large shaded lots, cohesive houses, and proximity to I-35, Wynnewood North neighborhood preserves the atmosphere and convenience of an original, post-war American suburb.

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The Latest Neighborhood News

  • 19 Apr 2018 10:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    All, the Spring Wander is quickly approaching and and registration is now OPEN.  Sign-Up to mix and mingle with your neighbors.  

  • 04 Jan 2018 1:08 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hello Wynnewood North Neighbors!!

    Thank you to all who nominated houses. 10 houses were nominated. The nominations were: 509 Hoel, 525 Mayrant, 519 Woolsey, 637 Mayrant, 631 Mayrant, 515 S. Manus, 1330 Llewellyn, 1607 Shelmire, 506 Woolsey and 316 N. Manus. Congratulations to all who received a nomination. Being nominated is certainly an honor.

    From the houses nominated, the Board voted on the three they thought were the best decorated houses. The following houses were the 3 winners recognized by the Board. 631 Mayrant – Ramon and Gerardo Garcia. 515 S. Manus – Rachel and Russell Bryce and 519 Woolsey – Cynthia Michaels

    Each will receive a $25.00 gift certificate.

    Looking forward to next year when hopefully we will have more homes decorated for the holidays and even more nominations.

    Cynthia Michaels,

    Beautification Director

  • 13 Dec 2017 11:17 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As always feel free to message any of us if you have suggestions, concerns, or anything to help make Wynnewood North an even better neighborhood.

    Click Here for a list of the 2018 Board

  • 16 Nov 2017 8:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The painting of the house numbers will begin Nov. 20 weather permitting.  They will begin on the north side of the neighborhood blocks 300-500…going from East to West and from north to south.

    The next week they will work on 600-700 blocks still going from north to south and east to west.  Then doing 1600-1800 blocks.

    All of this is tentative due to how fast things go and the weather.

    If you have any questions or concerns please email beautification@wynnewoodnorth.org   

  • 05 Jul 2017 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    See Oak Cliff Advocate Article HERE

  • 20 Jan 2017 11:44 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  • 03 Jan 2017 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The City of Dallas Sanitation Services is launching a new mobile app for residents to find their collection schedules and sign up for reminders. The app is free to download on all Apple and Android mobile devices. Once residents download and sign up for the app, they can receive a personalized collection calendar and receive automatic reminders via email, tweet, voice mail and/or text. 

    The app can be downloaded by searching Dallas Sanitation Services or go to www.DallasBulkandBrush.com. The app also has information on how to properly reuse, recycle, compost or dispose of various materials. 

    Once residents have the app or are signed up online, they will receive weekly reminders and will also be notified of schedule changes due to weather, holidays and upcoming events. Additionally notifications can be sent with information on seasonal campaigns such as electronics recycling, batteries, oil, paint, and antifreeze collection, Christmas tree recycling and more. 

    “City of Dallas residents recycle over 55,000 tons of material a year. It’s now even easier to learn about solid waste management in our community with our new online tools and mobile app,” Manager of Zero Waste in Sanitation Services Murray Myers said. “If you’re always on the go, this is a great way to stay up to date on your garbage, recycling and bulk collection schedule.” 

    While Sanitation Services will continue to produce and distribute printed waste collection calendars to residents, they hope this added online service will help to reduce call volumes, while improving customer service and response times. 

  • 05 Jun 2016 9:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Wynnewood North Residents - Would you like 2 free trees?  See link below to register and for additional program information.

    Program Details Here

    Welcome to Energy-Saving Trees, a unique program designed to help you better understand where to plant trees on your property for maximum energy savings. This program is made possible by the Arbor Day Foundation and Oncor.
    At Oncor, we're committed to a greener, healthier world. Trees around homes will not only help reduce the amount of energy your home requires, but they also add to your property value, reduce your carbon footprint, improve the air quality, and more effectively catch stormwater runoff. It is our intention that the free trees we provide be a gift to you and your community.

    Oncor is proud to sponsor this program and provide you with up to 2 free trees for planting in the fall of 2016. In less than ten minutes, you can reserve your free trees. Thanks for participating in this exciting program.

    Available trees | Bur Oak Texas Redbud Pecan Mexican White Oak Cedar Elm

  • 01 Jun 2016 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    GREAT TIPS FROM THE BBB to avoid delivery thieves.

    Track your packages: Follow shipments from the seller to your front door with online, text message or phone call tracking offered through the delivery company. Sign up for alerts to be notified of delays or exceptions and when the
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    Be available for delivery: Track packages and arrange to be available during estimated delivery times, have a trusted friend or neighbor pick up the packages in a timely manner after delivery or ship to your work address (pending company approval). Package delivery thieves have been known to follow delivery trucks around town, stealing packages immediately after delivery. If you can’t arrange for pickup shortly after delivery, keep reading for alternative safe delivery tips! 

    Request a signature: This package delivery feature will likely come with a fee, but without a recipient’s signature, the delivery service won’t be able to leave a package exposed on a doorstep. 

    Personalize delivery: Schedule a certain day and/or time for your package delivery, including evenings and weekends or provide specific instructions on where a package should be placed to keep the delivery hidden from public view. Consumers can also request a package be held at a delivery center or shipped to a retailer’s nearest store location for in-person pickup. Fees for personalization do vary by delivery service. 

    Use your credit card: When making purchases online, use your credit card rather than a debit card or another form of payment. Credit card companies are more likely to offer refunds in the event of theft. 

    Insure valuable items: Purchase delivery insurance to protect merchandise against loss or damage. Contact your local police department if you do become a victim of package theft. 

    Consumers waiting on presents to arrive should also be aware of fake package delivery emails claiming there is an issue with your latest purchase. Attachments and links associated with these phishing scams likely contain a virus and are designed to steal shoppers’ personal and financial information. 

    Access the links below on the FAQ’s on both UPS and FEDEX companies. Both are great websites and all you need to know when receiving and sending a package. 

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Wynnewood North encompasses 350+ homes located in North Oak Cliff on a hilly, scenic location. Recently we have been known in the press as the "neighborhood where friends are family". And clearly that is evident through the large participation of our neighborhood get-togethers, with neighbors who have grown-up in the neighborhood, and/or who have family still living in the neighborhood. Whether you are newcomers or old family friends, a friendly smile and a handshake are extended to all!

The Wynnewood North Neighborhood Association was created to promote and encourage the safety, improvement and beautification of the neighborhood. Membership is open to all residents or owners, over the age of 18, of property within the boundaries of the neighborhood and we always need volunteers for various projects, events or day-today activities. If you can help in anyway or are interested in serving on the board, let us know.

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