Directory Updates

We are in the final stages of data verification for the new directory. By now, your block captain may have reached out to you to validate your current information or collect new information. You may have also received a post card in your mailbox with your specific details on it.

Correcting or Updating your Data

If the details on your card were accurate, then you can discard the post card. If they were incorrect then here's how to fix them:

Option 1 

Correct the information on the card and return it to your block captain.

If you did not receive a card for each adult, but you want them listed separately in the directory, you must provide individual phone or email addresses for each adult to be listed.

We will only group you as a family if you do not have individual phone numbers or email addresses for each adult that has the same last name. 

Option 2

Login to using the email listed on your post card. If you have forgotten the password, you can reset your password by using the 'Reset Password' link on our login screen. If you no longer use that email address listed, contact us at 

If you have never provided us with an email address, you can create a new registration online, and we will remove the old account information we have on file. 

If you did not receive a card for each adult, then you can create a new registration for each adult in the home.

Registering Your Pets

You can register your pets, including their CHIP ID, in our system. We have returned over a dozen lost pets using our chip reader and website. To register your pets, edit your profile by clicking here. The pet fields are at the bottom of your registration information.

Opting Out of the Directory

Even though your phone number and email address cannot be accessed by the general public outside of Wynnewood North users, you may still want to exclude those items from our printed directory.  

Your number will still be available to our neighborhood watch team (in the event there is an emergency at your home), but will not be available for our members to see.

Login to and edit your profile. For Opt Out of Printed Directory, choose YES. 

To remove your information from electronic searches, edit your profile and locate the privacy options (there is a hyperlink for 'Privacy' near the edit button). Select the options to determine who can see your information. 

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