2019 Directory Updates

It's that time again! During the month of March, our Block Captains will be reaching out to you to validate your information we have on file about you for our neighborhood directory.

Data Collection / Validation Details

They will be reviewing the following items with you:

  • The names of all the ADULT residents of your household.
  • The cell and land line numbers (if applicable) of each ADULT resident.
  • The email address of each ADULT resident (if applicable).
  • Whether or not you have pets at your house.
  • Whether or not you have minor children as part of the household.
Your participation is optional. You can share as much or as little data as you would like.

Minor Children & the Directory

The Block Captains will ask if you have MINOR children in the home, but will not ask for names, ages or genders. For security and privacy reasons, we are not collecting specific details about any children in your home. We ask to know for the sole purpose of helping our Parent Liaison Director coordinate children's activities and provide you with helpful information regarding schools and resources available to you as parents. MINOR children are not published in the directory.

Final Validation of Details

After you have validated your information with our Block Captains, we will update our database with the correct details. We will then drop a postcard for EACH adult in your mailbox as a final opportunity for you to verify the info we have is correct. There are some instances where your household may receive only a single postcard:

  • We have information for only a single individual in the household (you may not have reported other adults living at the address).
  • Only one ADULT lives on the premises.
  • Multiple adults live in the house, but share the last name, email address, and phone number.

For example, the Smith family consists of the mother Emma, her husband Joseph, and their three kids: Joseph Jr. (13), Don Carlos (21), and Julia (15). Our block captain was only able to get the house's land line and a single old email we had on file. We will send you a single post card for 'The Smith Family: Emma, Joseph, and Don Carlos'. Note that Joseph Jr and Julia are not listed.

Opting Out

If you have previously opted out of the directory, we will continue to honor that request by not publishing your contact info.

Kindness Appreciated

Please be kind to our Block Captains as they call, email, or knock on your door for this information.

Update Yourself & Add Your Pets Online

If you want to update your info directly online, go to your profile page to review and update your data. We ask that you put your cell number as the primary phone number, and any land or work lines as the secondary number.

We are able to track three pets per Adult at each home. Since implementing this feature, we've been able to reunite four or five lost pets with their owners. We encourage you to register your animals in the online directory.

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